1-For-1 Attach Air Waybill

Do you know that one air waybill (AWB) is meant for one parcel only? Different parcels should have different air waybills with unique tracking numbers. It’s a fact!

One common problem faced by those who have few parcels to send is being able to attach AWB correctly when they’re sending to the same receiver. Every now and again, our courier partners find those parcels brought to their hub that isn’t quite what they expected. It could be an AWB attached on more than one parcel, in which they share the same tracking number that couldn’t be scan into the system.

Hence, you can imagine the tiredness when our courier partners came across the hassle procedure for this, that turns a quick delivery into a slow-motion mode.

What Happens If You Attach Multiple Parcels With The Same AWB

Delayed Shipment

Delays occur when the courier put your parcels on hold in their hub because they may need more time to clarify your case – decide which to return and which continue its journey to your receiver.


Damaged Seller’s Reputation

Something went wrong when the parcel has exceeded your promised delivery duration to the customer. So, you screwed up! When the customer isn’t happy, your reputation can fall low with a bad rating.


Excess Time & Cost To Resend

If there is duplicated AWB, the courier has the right to return all of the parcels without prior notice. Other than the previous shipping fee burnt, there is an extra shipping fee incurred on each of the parcels for resend, thus you will no longer able to enjoy a simple yet quick delivery service with EasyParcel.

Make Use Of The Steps To Make Delivery A Success

Step 1: After booked online, print out the AWBs with different tracking numbers for each parcel.

Step 2: Get your parcels ready with proper packaging materials.

Step 3: Attach different AWBs with unique tracking number for each parcel.

One AWB for one parcel only. Refer to the good examples below:-

It’s just easy peasy lemon squeezy to attach your AWB at the right way! We do advise that no matter how big your parcel is, to pay a little more effort to write the tracking number on its packaging as this will reduce the risk of the wrong AWB when you have a huge amount of parcel to send.

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