What Is MWA?

Malaysia Website Awards (MWA) seeks to recognize and reward the outstanding performance, talent and effort of the best web developers, web designers and web agencies, and at the same time encourage creativity, sharing and improvement of overall web design quality in the country.

The Award is the 2nd in the series, independently researched, ranked and judged by our panel judges. MWA ranks the top 10 websites in Malaysia based on innovation, originality, content, use of technology and creativity criteria.


Event Objectives

– To acknowledge outstanding Web Developers in Malaysia.

– To learn from respective Website Gurus to further Improve.

– To receive the latest updates and development of Web Designs/Tools, and conduct Knowledge Sharing between Participants.

– To recognize some of the insights of the current Web-related News.

– Future Partnerships and Networking Opportunity.

– Foster the Value of Creativity and Innovation of the Websites.


Who Can Join?


  • Rated by MWA Independent Judges
  • Nominees will be accumulated into the Winners’ Pool for ‘Site of the Month’ in each Personal, Commercial and E-Commerce Category
  • Rated by MWA Expert Judges
  • 1 Winner for Personal Category
  • 1 Winner for Commercial Category
  • 1 Winner for E-Commerce Category
  • Voted by Public
  • 1 Winner for Personal Category
  • 1 Winner for Commercial Category
  • 1 Winner for E-Commerce Category

Steps to Nominate Your Website


Check out and determine the categories (Personal, Commercial or E-Commerce) that you’re interested.


You can now Submit Your Website on the“SUBMIT SITE”panel. Please comply to theTerms and Conditions stated on the website, as it is mandatory for verification purposes.


The submission will be verified by MWA independent judges within 7-14 days. A notification on the approval of the website will be sent through another email.


Now you just need to Share your website to your Friends and get as many “Votes” as possible. And leave the rest to the Judges to evaluate your website.