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Hey there guys! EasyParcel started last year and we’re thankful that our business has been growing ever since. EasyParcel is also a company that supports potential entrepreneurs that need help. As such, we have paired up with Malaysian Global Centre for Innovation and Creativity, MaGIC for short, to inform to you about MAP.

MAP, or MaGIC Accelerator Programme, is a seed-accelerator programme that is based on the ‘Startup-Chile’ model. To make it simple, it’s an event where MaGIC would host, mentor and connect potential entrepreneurs who might be able to succeed with some ‘hand-holding’. MAP will be responsible for many things, from handling the lodging, creating social connections between the attendees and the companies that support the programme, offer mentors that come from not only Malaysia, but around ASEAN and the world as well and finally, inviting investors to survey for future businesses to invest in during MAP’s demo day.


We at EasyParcel are one of the sponsors of MAP. Alongside companies like JobStreet, Mindvalley, Catcha, Zalora, and Lazada, we will be mentoring and helping in workshops to guide the participants of the program. At the same time, all participants of the programme will receive a free EasyParcel account (that comes with RM25 worth of credit), along with an exclusive rate of RM 5 for any deliveries that are a kilogram or under.

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If you are an entrepreneur/businessperson that possesses a product or service prototype that you think could succeed, submit your details over at MaGIC’s site before June 2015, or if you have doubts about MaGIC, read up about them. Like a famous man once said in the past, “What is not started will never get finished ”. So, get going and submit your application! Opportunities await you at MAP!