Quick Send

Are you a merchant who sells items via Facebook, Line, WeChat, Instagram or WhatsApp online?

If yes, we’ve got great news for you. With EasyParcel QuickSend, you can now officially say goodbye to hectic booking process as you’ll be able to integrate your Facebook/Line/WeChat/Instagram/WhatsApp ID with EasyParcel and have your orders imported from there auto-magically!


Here’s How QuickSend Works
Import Your Order Into 4 Simple Steps


1. Integrate your Facebook URL/Line/WeChat/Instagram/WhatsApp ID with EasyParcel.


2. Send the integration form link to your customer.

Write Delivery Details

3. Customer fill in and submit the form.

Check Out

4. Orders successfully imported into your EasyParcel account!

Video Tutorial

Setting Up QuickSend Integration

STEP 1: Click on “Integrations”.


STEP 2: Click “Add New Store” and click on “QuickSend”.


STEP 3: Fill in all the details.


Step 4: Fill in all necessary details and click submit. From here, you can choose either “Cheapest Service” which system will automatically select the courier comes with cheapest rate, or select your own preferable courier company such as PosLaju, Skynet, Nationwide by selecting “Courier Company”. However, you will be automatically assigned to “Cheapest Service” if your destination is not covered by your selected courier company.

How To Import Order

Step 1: Click “Your Stores”. Copy and send the integration form link to your customer.


Step 2: Buyer fill in the delivery details and click “confirm & submit”.


Step 3: Click “Orders Imported”. To forward your order to payment, select your desired order or all order using the check box given. Do key in your “collection date” and you may choose to “drop off your parcel at Pgeon point instead of to be picked up by the courier”.


Step 4: Click “Merge Orders” to merge your order if the orders have the same address and you will be directed to payment process.


Step 5:  Click “Add to Cart” and you will be directed to payment process.

You’re almost done! Just download, print and attach the Air WayBill(AWB) to the parcel, the courier rider will then pick up at your doorstep based on scheduled collection date.

Forget about booking orders individually, with us today and enjoy hassle-free delivery! It’s really simple! Should you have any inquiries, kindly contact us at [email protected]