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Tutorial Video

Step By Step Guide To Place Order

Step 1: Firstly, click “Send Parcel” and choose “Single Parcel” to begin your booking.

Step 2: Fill in the collection and delivery postcodes with the weight of the parcel and click “Quote & Book”.

Step 3: You will see a list of courier companies available for your delivery.


Step 4: Select the courier you prefer and click “Book”.

Step 5: You may choose for courier to pick up your parcel at your doorstep or drop off at nearest courier branch / Pgeon point. Then, fill in sender’s details.

Step 6: You can choose either direct deliver the parcel to your recipient’s doorstep or Pgeon point as a collection point. Then, fill in your recipient details.

Step 7: Fill in the parcel details and choose your pick up/drop off date.

Step 8: Before proceeding to checkout, you may choose to add on ‘Tracking SMS and QuickReturn for your delivery.

Step 9: Confirm your booking and click “Check Out”.

Step 10: You may apply your coupon here. Then, click on “Pay with Credits Now”.

Step 11: Click on the printer icon to download and print your AWB.

Step 12: You’re DONE! You can then check for delivery status at “Parcel Status” tab.

That’s it! Now you can focus on packing your parcel and wait for collection from our courier partners! Remember to attach the AWB on your parcel. Hope you find this useful. If you need any assistance, kindly contact us via email to