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EasyParcel has powered more than 10,000 online merchants to save on delivery cost since we started off in June 2014. Are you one of them?

For new members that are unsure of how to get the RM6 rate, here’s the magic trick below.


 Step 1: Register for a free account

Do not have an account yet? Register now for FREE! Currently, the delivery charges that you see are at our original rate. To get RM6 rate for 1kg parcel, do proceed to step 2.


Step 2: Top up from any package

Love our online system? I guess it is super-convenient to manage your deliveries via online. We even care for your pocket at the same time! EasyParcel provides THE LOWEST delivery cost in the country with our RM6 promo rate. All parcels delivered within Peninsular Malaysia are entitled to enjoy RM6 flat rate for parcels up to 1kg. All bookings comes with free pick up even for one parcel.

We have several top-up packages to choose, ranging from RM100 to RM20,000. What makes them different is the duration for the RM6 promo. The packages are clearly shown in the table below.



Step 3: RM6 is up!

Once the top-up is completed, your account will be automatically transferred into the RM6 group.


What’s More?IMG_20170202_174220


Free courier bag (flyers)! View more photos HERE.

This flyer and pouch is made free to customers that top up for EP500 package or above. These are the quantities claimable for each package:

Top Up PackagePouchFlyer Quantity (L size)Flyer Quantity (XL size)

Just submit your request under the “Flyer Request” tab at the dashboard once top up is done.


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