Referred Accounts

Invite your friends to EasyParcel!

Earn 1% from the successful top up amount of your referred friends, FOREVER! Don’t waste your time waiting. Invite your friends today!

Magical Steps To Get Referrals

Referral invitation on EasyParcel dashboard

STEP 1: Login into your account and click “Invitation” under “Referral”.

STEP 2: Share the URL anywhere you want on social medias, blog and many more.

Invite your friends via email

STEP 3: You may also invite your friends easily via email.

How To Check Referral Status?
Click on "tracking status" under "referral"

STEP 1: Click “Tracking Status” under “Referrals”.

All your referred account details are here

STEP 2: Here you will be able to view all your referral status such as account status, rewards credits and many more.

How To Manage Referral Campaign?
Click on "Campaign" under "Referrals"

STEP 1: Click “Campaigns” under “Referrals”.

All campaign details are here

STEP 2: Here you will be able to manage all your referral campaign or create new campaigns.

EasyParcel referral program is a lifetime program. This means that you can get unlimited 1% credit from every top up value of the account you have referred. If you manage to get large amount of referred account and majority are active users, then you may probably enjoy sending your parcels by using the lifetime credit bonus.

Hope you find this useful! If you need any assistance, kindly contact us via email to Start telling your friends about EasyParcel! Let them enjoy simplified and affordable delivery rate with you.