At EasyParcel, this new XLS upload tool is a massive help when you have large quantities of parcels to dispatch. Your business can simply upload data from your own sales information to our system. You can key in the delivery details into the XLS template (Microsoft Excel or Open Office) then upload it to EasyParcel for automatic booking.

You can now upload delivery bookings up to 100 items at a time!

This tool ensures the information passed between your business and EasyParcel is consistent and therefore as accurate as possible. Besides when the speed of dispatch is essential for your business’s reputation, and you need to ensure that your parcels are processed as quickly and accurately as possible, the EasyParcel XLS upload tool offers the shortest route to reliable deliveries, time after time.

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 How To Place Order In Bulk


STEP 1: Login and Click “Bulk Upload”.


STEP 2: Download the bulk upload template.


STEP 3: Fill in the details in the template.


STEP 4: Once fill in, click “Import Order”.


STEP 5: Choose the template you have fill in.


STEP 6: Click “Continue”.


STEP 7: Confirm your order and click “Check Out”.


STEP 8: Click “Confirm and Continue Now” to proceed to payment.

STEP 9: Click on “Download All AWB”, then it is done!

if you missed the step 9

Here is Another Way To Download All AWB

STEP 1: Click on “All Shipments” in menu tab and select “Schedule In Arrangement”.

STEP 2: Tick the box of the AWB you would like to print.

STEP 3: Make sure to select “Download AWB”.

STEP 4: Click “Apply” to download the AWB down.

You can either pay for your order using EasyParcel credits or pay instantly using online payment. Once payment is made, your order will be processed for collection on your selected pick up date.

Hope you find this useful. If you need any assistance, kindly contact us via:

1. Email to support@easyparcel.my (For support assistance)
2.or sales@easyparcel.my (For sales enquiry)
3. or just buzz us via LIVE chat at EasyParcel.