You heard that right, FREE iPAD MINI!

Throughout the month of May,  if you pick up your parcels from any of our Pgeon points you could stand a chance to win a brand new iPad Mini.

All you need to do is send a parcel to a Pgeon point near you, register HERE, and pick up your parcel. You will be automatically entered into the draw for the iPad Mini on May 15th Monday 12pm on our Facebook Livestream (make sure to give us a Like & Follow).

Pick up your parcel before 10am the morning of the draw to ensure entry. However, don’t fret if you didn’t make it, because any pick-up after 10am will get counted towards the second draw for the May 31st draw for the iPhone 7 instead! 🙂

TIP: It’s important that you include your mobile phone number along with the Pgeon point address in your online order before checking out. This ensures that you will get an SMS notification upon parcel arrival.

So what are you waiting for? Rev your e-shopping into gear and get those parcels delivered to your Pgeon points ASAP!

For more details on the contest, visit