Author: Sherlyn Tan

9 Reasons You Should Convert to Online Business

Online business would be the new money magnet business and every seller have  to consider having an online store as a addition to their existing retail store. Still selling in retail stores while other merchants are earning BIG online? The 9 listed reasons below will strongly explain why online business is the new money magnet. 1. Save Cost = Read more...

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Useful Parcel Packaging Tips

Always have problem on wrapping and packaging while delivering a parcel? No worries as is here to share some useful parcel packing tips with you to ensure that your parcels will arrive in the best possible condition! Check on Small business shipping - how to ship a package for smart parcel packing tips.   pix:  pix: Read more...

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5 Ways For Smart Shipping

''Shipping costs are one of the biggest expenses for many small businesses, but resourceful entrepreneurs are finding ways to reduce the sting.'' - Jane Porter (Entrepreneur writer & editor) Shipping costs are one the pains for many small businesses. Most of the shipping couriers charged a parcel based on its size and weight. Therefore, Read more...

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5 Tips to Make Online Selling Easy & Efficient

Online sellers would always want to save cost, time and effort in selling their products online. As the number of channels online sellers use to market their product increases, efficiency in dealing orders and delivery is crucial to ensure higher conversion and higher customer satisfaction. 5 online selling tips are recommended below to make sure your Read more...

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