What's Internatiomal Delivery

Did you know that you can get reward for parcel that you send to foreign countries? In this joyous month, we would like to give you an opportunity to redeem yourself some amazing stuffers as a pamper gift for you and your family.

The trick is, only send your international parcel you’d normally send anyway. Yes, you do not need to spend money on things that you don’t necessarily need and the goal of Unwrap The Joy 2017 with us is to let you have the chance to earn more, instead of spend more. Starting today, deliver with us is not only about saving time and costs, but it’s also a double up happiness for every of our beloved customers.




STEP 1: Click on “International”

You will need to register your credit card before you are able to ship your parcel internationally

Key In Postcode

STEP 2: Fill in the collection and delivery details with the weight of parcel

Quote and Book

STEP 3: Click “Quote & Book”

Book Now

STEP 4: Choose your desired courier with collection date and click “Book Now”

Delivery Details

STEP 5: Fill in the sender and receiver details including name, email, contact number and address

Agree With Term and Condition

STEP 6: Check the box and click “Next”

Add Cart

STEP 7: Confirm your order and proceed to payment by clicking “Check Out”

Make sure attach your parcel’s invoice along with the air waybill

Wondering how much point you’ll earned? It’s +10 points in total for an international shipment. Hurry up, accumulate as many points as you can, so you’ll able to grab the gift you desired the most before it becomes the one under others’ Christmas tree!