You might be wondering what’s Pgeon as it sounds completely strange to you.

Well, Pgeon is an alternative parcel delivery service which enables customers to pick up and drop-off parcel in between alternative addresses such as convenience stores and retail outlets, also known as ‘Pgeon points’. And since Pgeon points have launched earlier this year, we are glad to receive numerous positive feedback from our customers about how it can help to simplify business and make their life easier.

That’s not the end of the story. Today, we take a giant step forward in offering even seamless delivery solution to all our beloved users. Guess what? On top of Pgeon points, we are now offering delivery service which helps to deliver your parcel in between Pgeon points! **hooray! **

Some of you might be curious on how it works. Let’s have the infographic below says it all:

In other words, Pgeon is a self drop-off and pick up service for both senders and receivers and our Pgeon driver will be the one to perform the parcel delivery in between Pgeon points! Sounds cool right?

With Pgeon, you can now drop/grab your parcels when you’re on the way to/from work, shopping malls, lunch, gym etc. Manage your own sweet time has never been so easy with Pgeon! Moreover,  your receivers will be given another alternative to pick up their parcel even after working hours. That will certainly delight your customers especially those who are not able to receive personal parcel at working place. 😀

So, how’s the rate? Currently we are offering RM5 for parcel up to 5kg to all our EasyParcel customers! **Incredibly cheap!**

Here’s some other general information about Pgeon Service:

  • Only available for pick up and drop off within Pgeon points.
  • All rates quoted are NETT rate inclusive of all surcharge.
  • All shipments come with basic insurance of RM100.
  • 1-3 working day(s) delivery within Pgeon drop off point.
  • Maximum weight: 5kg
  • Maximum dimension: 21cm x 29.7cm x 21cm (fit within an A4-sized sheet of paper)
  • Parcel weight will be determined by either actual or volumetric weight (VW) or whichever is higher.

Currently Pgeon is only available within Penang. Worry not as we will be covering more areas very soon!  It might just be nearby your neighborhood. 🙂

** The shipping fee mentioned above will only be charge to those who wishes to use Pgeon points with our delivery service. For those who only intend to use our Pgeon point with other local courier, there will be no charge for that as usual.**


Wondering where’s the nearest Pgeon point?

How To Book Parcel Using Pgeon Service

STEP 1: Quote in the delivery details and click “Quote & Book”.

STEP 2: Choose “Pgeon” with collection date and click “Book Now”.

STEP 3: After you have fill in the parcel details, you will be able to choose your preferred drop-off point and your recipient’s pick up point.

It’s compulsory to select both pick up and drop-off point for Pgeon.

STEP 4: Kindly fill in the sender and receiver details include name, email and contact no.

Make sure the contact no is in correct format and it should be starting from ’12xxxxxx’ instead of ‘012xxxxxxx’.

STEP 5: Check the box and click “Next”.

STEP 6: Confirm your order and proceed to payment by clicking “CheckOut”.

That’s how you book your order with our Pgeon service. Easy isn’t it? Once order made and paid, you may drop-off your parcel at your chosen Pgeon point. Our Pgeon driver will then perform the collection directly from there and deliver to your receiver’s pick up point.  Kindly take note that you will need to drop off  within 3 days time upon order’s made to avoid expired.

For those who would like to enjoy same day pick up from us, you may have your parcel drop off and check in before 12pm. You will then receive an sms notification upon parcel drop-off as proof of collection. Same goes to your receiver as they will be receiving sms with notification code as well upon parcel arrival at pick up point.

What are you waiting for? Together let’s ignite the spark of your journey now with Pgeon and don’t forget to claim your FREE RM25 EasyParcel credit upon registration! If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact us at or visit for more info.