Previously, there are some customers claimed that the shipping rates provided by Poslaju through EasyParcel is high compare to the their official Poslaju rate. For instance, the shipping rate for a parcel weighs 1.5kg from PENANG to KUALA LUMPUR:


A lot of people think that walk-in rate is cheaper but today we’ll tell you…You are wrong!

WHY? Let’s analyse…

Have you ever think of your transportation fees when travel to the post office? What if there is a heavy jam due to some constructions work on your way to the post office? This means you take more time to reach the post office. 10 minutes? 30 minutes? or 60 minutes? ?

Have you ever think of what if your receiver failed to receive the parcel? and when the moment the parcel is returned to you, you might need to travel to the post office again to resend the parcel. So you have to start from the first step again. Travel, stuck in jam, queue at post office…and it has already doubled up your shipping cost.

Always remember every of your action, is a COST to you.

Here is a list of estimated fees for WALK IN RATE (exclude pick-up service):

***If your receiver failed to receive the parcel, you may need to pay extra for the resend, transport and parking cost, in which your shipping fees will come up to RM30.20!

Here is a list of estimated fees for WALK IN RATE (include pick-up service):

***If your receiver failed to receive the parcel, you have to pay for the resend and pick up service cost, in which your shipping cost will come up to RM35.20! The cost is much more expensive than using EasyParcel.

Wondering how to save more with Poslaju through EasyParcel?

Now, let’s take a look at the shipping fee and services provided by EasyParcel.


Poslaju rate through EasyParcel

As a EasyParcel customer, you pay for the price of RM14.60 and you are able to enjoy:

  • Pick up service from anywhere
  • Re-delivery service at no additional charge
  • NO more handwritten Air  WayBill as everything is saved under automated system

Every courier company under EasyParcel has its own best rate for different shipping area.  Among other strong courier competitors under EasyParcel, Poslaju offers the best and the lowest shipping  rates for delivery to and from East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak except Labuan).  For same state delivery within East Malaysia, the rate is as low as RM7.80, whilst for cross state delivery (Peninsular Malaysia to East Malaysia/ East Malaysia to Peninsular Malaysia) is as low as RM11.30!

You have heavy parcel? No worries! Poslaju still offer the lowest rates for delivery to and from East Malaysia up to 3kg!  If you are unsure about the price, check on EasyParcel to know more or you may contact us through live chat. Our efficient crews are ready to serve you, shipping smart and save more with EasyParcel!

Be quick, sign up now to enjoy more benefits with EasyParcel!

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