Are you ready for our newly launch V5.1? This time we will be having some major updates that will wow you in this launch!


What’s Awesome Update in V5.1

Enhanced Website Interface

We have made improvement mainly on the booking process where now you will be able to see below:

1. There will be a booking flow step appear at the top to indicate your current location.

2. Once you have go into the “Payment Option” stage,  there will be a payment summary appear right beside for your review. You may choose to pay your orders with credit or top up now.

3. If you have insufficient credit, you may choose to top up now and proceed with VIP rate or “Instant” Pay with non member rate.

Always wonder why your booking orders went into expired? Here’s how you can solve it:

1. Login to your account, go to “Dashboard”>”My Cart”>”Action Required”.

2. For each of the expired item, normally there will be a requirement that you will need to fulfill before you are able to proceed to checkout. Click on the designated button to complete your order.

Tour Guide For Beginners

For first time user who have no idea on how EasyParcel booking works? No worry as this time you will be going through  a step-by-step tour guide tutorial that will guide you on how to make your first delivery order through EasyParcel!

1. Go to EasyParcel homepage, click on “Help” > “Tour Guide”.

2. Here’s how the tutorial works. You may end the tour anytime by clicking the “End Tour” button.

Widget Enhancement

In this launch, we have also make some improvement for some of the widget as well.

Still remember Delivery Rate Checker that allows you and your customer to check for EasyParcel delivery rate from multiple courier companies on your website? Yes as now you may check on the international shipping rates as well!

** Current widget user do not have to re-embed as it will be auto-updated.

1. To get delivery rate checker, go to EasyParcel homepage and select “Tools” > “Widget”.

2. Click on “Get Rate Checker”.

3. Follow the instruction stated and you are done!

Wonder how to notify your receivers regarding to their shipment status? With EasyTrack, you have no worry as now we have made it more accessible to your receivers in such a way that you may share the shipment status through Whatsapp or LINE in just a click!

**This is only applicable to mobile version.

Go to EasyParcel homepage, select ” Trace & Track”.

Key in the tracking number or EP order numbers. You may insert up to 15 as well.

Click on “Share” and you may share the shipment status either through Facebook, LINE or Whatsapp!

So here are some of the updates in this EasyParcel v5.1 launch. There are also other minor changes that will help in enhancing user experience in EasyParcel.


If you have any feedback or enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at