What’s Pgeon? Basically, we are partnering up with Pgeon to provide drop-off and pick up point for all EasyParcel customers. You can now drop-off your parcel at your nearest Pgeon point.

Is there any charges to this service? Absolutely not!

Currently Pgeon drop-off and pick-up is available in Suntech @ Penang Cybercity and outlet.

** Do take note that not all outlets mentioned is available as Pgeon point.


Find The Nearest Pgeon Point

Not to forget that every Pgeon point will have it’s own capacity, you might not able to see certain Pgeon point as this is because the capacity has been fully occupied. You will need to have your order done and paid to book the slot. If the order is not paid within an hour, the Pgeon slot will be released and your order will expired. Besides that, Pgeon service is only available for parcel scheduled within 3 days from the day you book the parcel.



STEP 1: Quote in the delivery details.


STEP 2: Choose your desired courier with collection date and click “Book Now”.


STEP 3: From here, you will be able to choose your Drop-off point and your recipient Pick up point. You can choose to ignore this part if you wish to have the courier to perform door-to-door collection.

* You will not be able to dropoff the parcel if you have not chosen a drop-off point for it.