Penang International Science Fair (PISF) is an event organized as part of the Penang Science Cluster’s (PSC) mission of “Inspiring Innovation”, which focuses on developing young minds and exposing them to science and engineering through a unique, stimulating and innovative experience.

PISF is a signature event with 2 objectives:
1. Showcase the activities that Pillar Leaders of the PSC have been conducting whole year round with our school students in Penang, and offer opportunities for others to participate in the hands-on science activities.
2. Showcase the high-tech products and expertise available in the industries in Penang and the science and technology behind the products.

Penang International Science Fair 2014, this year we will have several elements happening such as:
1. Exhibition
2. Competition
3. Activities / Workshops
4. Maker Faire
5. DevFest & GDays

Source: Penang Science Cluster


EasyParcel at PISF 2014


EasyParcel will be there bringing exciting game that you and your kids will love! Come join us and let your kids experience the new technology of transportation. We will be organizing a fun and exciting delivery game. Your kids would be riding on a two-wheel transporter to collect items on their delivery journey. All games is free-of-charge and everyone is welcomed to participate!

There’re amazing prizes to be won. Be our winner and walk away with Lego Technic Model 42008! 

Special thanks Leadway Malaysia Sdn.Bhd for the sponsorship! Leadway is sponsoring EasyParcel with 4 Eco-friendly Personal Transporter on both days. The company provides rental for events or any promotional activities. It will definitely make an event look extravaganza with more trills and fun! Feel free to contact them for further enquiries and details.

Come meet us this weekend and have fun together! We will be at the Area S1 (as shown in the map below). Amazing gifts is awaiting! 



See you there!