Hi there, how are you doing? Here’s a quick update. All this while, EasyParcel has been providing the fullest support available such as phone support, email support and live chat support throughout the years. We realized that most of EasyParcel inquiries coming in are via emails and live chat.

Therefore starting from 18th July 2016 (Monday) onwards, we will only be providing email support and live chat support as to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness in responding to your inquiry. Phone support will no longer be available. Below are the details:-

  • Email
    • support@easyparcel.my (For support assistance)
    • sales@easyparcel.my (For sales enquiry)
  • Live Chat : “Contact Us” > “Enquiry” > “General Enquiry”

We believe that with this new implementation, we will be able to focus all our strength and time in the stated support method above. In hope you will be able to enjoy the maximum potential of EasyParcel support service.

We are truly thankful for your encouragement and interest in EasyParcel. If you have any inquiries, you can reach our best agent at HERE. Thank you and have a wonderful day.