Kindly take note on the new updates on delivery operation regarding EasyParcel service. Here is the list of the new updates:

  • EasyParcel is not able to process change of address after parcel is collected by the couriers. Therefore, all change of address has to be made before the parcel is collected as a new air waybill with the new address is needed.
  • For extra insurance coverage purchase, you will have to upload the real photos of the product and the packaging. (Do not upload photos that is grab from the Internet and minimum 2 photos is required)
  • You are advised to write the air waybill/consignment note number on all parcels. This enable courier companies to identify your parcel when the air waybill got lost.
  • Volumetric weight applies if either dimension of the parcel is more than 30cm. You can calculate your volumetric weight at here.
  • Flyer request will have a 3 months expiry date from the top up date. Customer will need to request flyers within that 3 months after top up. This implies to previous top up user as well. Effective on 14 March 2016.

Kindly contact us or email us at [email protected] if you ever need any assistance. Thank you.