We’re excited to announce the latest updates to our website this May. You will be seeing new features this round and also enhancements on few existing functions.

1. EasyTrack – Send parcel statuses via email



Wanna provide better services to your customers and differentiate your store from competitors? We’re here to help! Keep your customer updated on his/her parcel status. You can now send latest parcel status to your customers with this new feature!

How it works?

Under the Track & Trace tab, you will see a Email button after you search for a particular parcel status. You can now email the status directly to your customers/the parcel recipient.


2. Auto-Select Delivery State Based On Postcode

postcode               autofill

Our system is now able to automatically track delivery state based on postcode. Just key in the postcode and the delivery state will appear automatically.

This new feature skips the process on identifying confusing postcodes that may belong to two nearby states.


3. New Bulk Upload Template


We have made several enhancement in the bulk upload template.  There are lesser columns to fill in specifically at the address columns. We have removed the “State” column as our system is able to automatically track delivery states based on postcodes. Other than that, we have reduced original four (4) address lines to only one (1).

The bulk uploading process is now shortened. If you have lot’s of shipment daily, our system may support more than 100 items at a time.


4. EasyParcel & EasyStore Auto-Linkage


Easystore integration


If you’re an EasyStore user, you can automatically import your new received orders to EasyParcel. In your EasyStore dashboard, you will see a “EasyParcel” button.

We will grab information from EasyStore and make your orders ready for delivery. Just pay for the delivery orders and print out the AWB to proceed. With this, you have skipped all data entry processes!


Bug Fixes

1. Do not remind me again on “Printer Ready?” reminder. No more notification after user ticks on “Do not remind me again”.

2. Bug fix for contact number deleting. In the previous version, users using Firefox are not able to change contact numbers using backspace due to Firefox settings. It’s fixed now.



New Enhancements

1. Skynet and Nationwide optimized air waybill (AWB) file for faster download.

Skynet: From 3674kb to now 289kb
Nationwide: From 866kb to now 507kb

2. Pop-up message when no booking item is selected during checkout.