The next time you are thinking of having your parcel delivered, try getting them delivered exclusively in between Pgeon Points, because we have a special promotion running for you!


That’s right, if you choose Pgeon as your courier when quoting and booking your delivery, and choose to have your parcel both dropped-off and picked up from a Pgeon Point, you will get an exclusive delivery rate of RM2.50!

P.S: Pgeon Point drop-off  only remains free with all other couriers for all EasyParcel customers.


This promo will run only until 28th August 2017!. You can start booking 3 days in advance for Pgeon service.

Time Remaining Before Promo Ends








Haven’t heard about Pgeon yet?


Basically Pgeon is a self drop-off and pick up service for both senders and receivers, and our Pgeon driver will be performing the parcel delivery in between Pgeon points! Cool isn’t it?


Benefits of Pgeon

Cheaper Shipping
Only RM2.50


Drop Off & Pick Up
From Pgeon Points Easily


SMS Notifications
Upon Parcel Drop Off & Pick Up


Longer Pgeon Points
Operation Hours

Oh ya, before we forgot, Pgeon is currently available for Penang to Penang delivery only. But first, how can you encourage your customers to choose Pgeon?

One of the most effective ways is to tell your customer that you are offering a new delivery service where they can pick up their parcel from Pgeon points. Your customers can just easily pick up their parcel on their way home from work. Here are a few simple tips to tell your customer about this new delivery service:

  • Send out e-mail to your beloved customers regarding this Pgeon delivery service.
  • Add in Pgeon as your new delivery service at your website.
  • Inform your customers regarding Pgeon delivery service on your Facebook page or any social media.

That’s about it. Remember that you will need to choose Pgeon as your courier choice in order to enjoy the RM2.50 rate.


STEP 1: Quote and Book your delivery (remember, within Pulau Pinang only!)


STEP 2: Choose Pgeon as your courier.


STEP 3: Select your Pgeon Points.

Not even sure what Pgeon is? Make sure to head over to main Pgeon blog for more details.