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easyParcel is giving away 20% credit bonus for RM1000 top up!
This means that you will get a total of RM1200 for RM1000 top up.

UntitledThis bonus is only LIMITED to the first 25 top-ups. You can top up any amount you want before we reach 25 total top ups. For eg, you can top up RM3000 and get RM600 bonus. It’s all up to you!

On top of that, you can instantly enjoy delivery for ONLY RM5 nett per parcel upon successful top up!

This special promo is for parcels up to 1kg and is available for deliveries within Peninsular Malaysia. You can send UNLIMITED amount of parcels with RM5 only until the end of September. Amazing isn’t it?

EXCLUSIVE FOR EASYSTORE MERCHANTS: Get 10% bonus for RM500 top up and enjoy RM5 per parcel delivery (up to 1kg) within Peninsular Malaysia.

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**remaining top-up slots: 17 (RM3,400 bonus) is up for grabs! 12.09pm 20/8/14

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