Send parcels to/from East Malaysia
Are you delivering your parcels to the East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak) or you’re from East Malaysia delivering goods to the Peninsular? Besides printing out the consignment note or air waybill, you would need to print out an invoice for the parcel as well. The invoice is needed for customs checking and is needed for deliveries via ALL courier companies.

We’ll guide you with 3 simple steps as stated below:

Step 1: Print out the invoice from “Order & Invoices” tab

Print out invoice - EasyParcel


You can get the invoice from “Order & Invoices” tab on your dashboard panel. Then, print out the invoice.

Step 2: Attach invoice to your parcel

Attach AWB - EasyParcel

Attach the printed invoice to your parcel together with the consignment note/air waybill.

Step 3: Your parcel is ready to go!

Ready for delivery - EasyParcel


And that’s it! Your parcel to East or West Malaysia is ready to go overseas! There is just one additional step for deliveries to and from East Malaysia. Invoice is needed for customs checkings, therefore, do not forget to include invoices to all your parcels if you’re sending them to the other side of our lovely country.