As more of our lives become more intertwined with the internet, our digital footprint may leave us vulnerable in many more unexpected ways. This is an even more urgent matter if you’re a business owner or a public figure; profits, safety, and even mountains of personal information linked to you could be at risk. So next time you shop online or give away your return address, what are you going to enter as your mailing address?

Why using a Pgeon Point could protect you

Instead of entering your home or workplace address, use a Pgeon Point. Not only will you benefit from their longer operating hours, or the convenient SMS notification service that comes along with it. The anonymity of using a Pgeon Point will also minimize your chances of having your privacy encroached on.

How Pgeon Helps

Small Home Business Owners:

Use any of our Pgeon Points as a return address so your customers don’t have to know where you live or work, or where you are sending your parcels from.

Make sure when you communicate your address to your customer, you use our “Copy Address” button, as the address will contain a special branch code as shown below.

*Just giving them the Google address of the Pgeon Point won’t work!


Online Shoppers:

When you are entering your mailing address details at Check Out, select any of our Pgeon Points and enter its address into the corresponding fields. You do not need to enter your personal address on any of our online databases to use a Pgeon Point, so it is safe from unwanted parties.

To do this:



STEP 1: Online Shop and go to your Check Out Menu


STEP 2: Go to to search for a convenient Pgeon Point near you. Click the “Copy Address” button.


STEP 3: Paste (Ctrl+V) it into the corresponding address fields of your online order.

Make sure the branch code (formatted as “PGEON_P_…”) is included in the address before checking out your order, and you’re done!

Protect your privacy, and go to today to choose a Pgeon Point!