Coupon System Is Here

If you’re reading this, congratulations for being the lucky one to get yourself some incredibly alluring coupons from us! Besides of rewarding our new customers with RM25 credit for free upon sign up, EasyParcel on and off do provide free delivery credits or coupons through campaigns, promotions or events too!

If you’re still scratching head on how to get started with your claimed EasyParcel coupons, check out here:

How To Register Coupon

Coupon Code

Step 1 : Click on “My Rewards > Coupon Code”.

Enter Coupon Code

Step 2: Fill in your coupon code.

Register Coupon

Step 3: Click “Register Coupon”.


Step 4: Your coupon code has been successfully registered.

How To Use / Apply Coupon

Choose the courier company

Step 1: Make your delivery order and proceed to “Check Out” as usual.

Have A Coupon Click Here To Enter Your Code

Step 2: Click “Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code.”

Select coupon

Step 3: Select the registered coupon you wish to apply / use.

Add Coupon

Step 4: Click “Add”.

Check Out

Step 5: Click “Apply Now”.

Pay With Credit Now

Step 6: The total discounted amount will be displayed. Click “Pay With Credit Now” to complete your payment.

Hope you enjoy the little token of appreciation we’ve given to you. Happy saving!