EasyParcel V5.3

The long awaited v5.3 is finally here and this time we’re going to bring some of the exciting new features and updates in this launch. Are you ready for this? Without further ado, let’s begin!

What’s Awesome In V5.3?

Tracking SMS

Introducing tracking SMS where your receiver will receive the tracking details through SMS once order is paid. With only RM0.20 per SMS, you can now keep your receiver well informed on their shipment status where we believe it’s an astonishing way to save time as well as increase your credibility.

Netshop and Semuts Integration

Are you a Netshop or Semuts merchant? If yes, you should be excited as they are now officially joining us to be part of our integration family. Integrate your store with EasyParcel today to enjoy speedy and hassle-free delivery booking process. After all, it’s free!

New Payment Gateway: Molpay

Apart from iPay88, we have also included Molpay as one of our new payment gateway. For those who always opt for offline payment, this might be a good news for you as you can now make cash payment for your top up at physical outlets such as 7‐Eleven convenience stores and Petronas other than online payment.

** Currently MolPay Cash (offline payment) is only available for top up.
** Kindly proceed your offline payment within 48 hours before it expires.

Source: Molpay

Enhancements On User Interface

We’ve also made some improvement on the website interface where now you will be able to see below:

EasyParcel V5.3

1. Auto Email Validation

Your email will be validated upon sign up. An error message will be shown if the email is invalid.

EasyParcel V5.3

2. Pgeon Point and Courier Branch Drop-off

Instead of waiting for pick up, you can now choose to drop off your parcel at any Pgeon point or courier branch listed below.

EasyParcel V5.3

3. Credit History Interface

The credit history page has been revised into even more clear and concise form to provide a user-friendly environment.

EasyParcel V5.3

4. New Invoice Template

The new invoice template is more detailed with parcel content, delivery charges, insurance purchase and tracking SMS.

That’s a wrap for V5.3 updates. Let us know if you have any valuable feedbacks regarding this as we would love to hear from you. Ciao!