Caring Is Now A Pgeon Point

That’s right folks! Your nearest Caring Pharmacy has now become available at a Pgeon Point!

With one in just about every major location all over Malaysia, getting your parcel delivery needs met has never been easier. Use our map to locate your nearest Caring Pharmacy to use as a drop-off point for your outgoing parcels, or pick-up point for your incoming ones.

Here are the active Caring Pharmacy Pgeon Points you can use:


Pgeon PointOutlet NameStatus
PGEON_P_SE11Section 14 112Active
PGEON_P_SUPA1Subang Parade 124Active
PGEON_P_LRC1Little Red Cube 178Active
PGEON_P_GUP1Gurney Paragon 184Active
PGEON_P_PRSE1Prima Setapak 185Active
PGEON_P_GW2Gamuda Walk 207Active
PGEON_P_ASG2Atria Shopping Gallery 208Active
PGEON_P_HPK2Hospital Pantai KL 210Active
PGEON_P_SP2Suria Putrajaya 221Active
PGEON_P_MSC2MyTOWN Shopping Centre 222Active
PGEON_P_MMMR2Mydin Mall Meru Raya 224Active
PGEON_P_MN2MesaMall Nilai 225Active

Don’t know how to use our Pgeon Points? We have main active services for you to try out with Caring Pharmacy:


Pgeon DropOff

There are over 900 Pgeon Points all over Malaysia to send your parcels from, if post offices are too far out of reach. Drop off your parcel at a Pgeon Point instead, and leave the rest of the delivery process to your chosen courier service.

To start:

  1. Quote and Book your parcel delivery on
  2. Book your courier
  3. Select ‘I would like to drop-off my parcel at a Pgeon Point nearby’
  4. Choose your Pgeon Point and check out your Booking
  5. Drop off your parcel at your Pgeon Point.

Take advantage of our RM5.00 flat rate if you choose our Pgeon courier service to deliver your parcels exclusively between Pgeon Points! Drop off your parcel at a Pgeon Point for your recipient to pick up from a Pgeon Point.

To start:

  1. Quote and Book your parcel delivery on
  2. Book Pgeon as your courier
  3. Select your Pgeon Points (both drop-off and pick-up)
  4. Check out your Booking
  5. Drop off your parcel at your Pgeon Point; your recipient will receive an SMS once your parcel arrives
Video Shopping at Lazada Choose Your Pgeon Point

Send your online shopping to a nearby Pgeon Point if you are looking for an alternative mailing address. This is a great way to prevent missed parcels or keep your personal addresses confidential.

To start:

  1. Shop online
  2. Go to and Sign in or Login
  3. Choose your Pgeon Point and “Book a Slot”
  4. Click “Copy Address” and Paste (Ctrl + V) into the mailing address fields as prompted during Check Out of your online shopping
  5. Check Out your purchase; you will receive a Pgeon SMS when your parcel arrives.

So what are you waiting for? Pgeon your parcel today!

Pgeon is a new last-mile delivery service that enables customers to pick up or drop off their parcels at our one-stop parcel collection centers  known as Pgeon Points.  For more details visit our homepage.