This August we’re kicking off new exciting deal for all customers. Look for¬†EasyParcel Mystery Saver logo on quote result page to book for mystery deal up to 55% off!

Cheers when you see this:



What are EasyParcel Secret Saver couriers?

  1. Renowned courier deals at incredibly low rates*
    We offer time to time deals for different courier companies at ultimate cost saving rate. All promotional secret saver couriers are our top courier partners with top service quality.
  2. Hidden courier name until airway bill is generated*
    This mystery courier campaign is a promotional campaign by EasyParcel to benefit our fellow customers and at the same time for customers to experience different couriers in the market. Once you have completed the booking, the courier name will be revealed in your airway bill.
  3. Enjoy the same good service*
    All services available at normal rate are applicable to secret saver as well. There will still be basic insurance coverage, free door-to-door pick up, online tracking and all others that you can think off.


Here’s how it works
– The courier name is shown only after you book in printed airway bill.
– All bookings are final and cannot be canceled, refunded, changed, exchanged, or transferred.