This March, we are going to introduce 3 new features that will make your daily delivery routine extra safe and easy!

1. Buyer’s Protection Plan (Insurance)

Buyer's Protection Plan - EasyParcel
EasyParcel buyer’s insurance plan is covered by Xpresscover, a customized solution for carrier that offered to protect one’s consignment from any probable downside risks.

EasyParcel users have the option to purchase extra coverage by Xpresscover on their parcel or proceed with basic insurance coverage originally insured by the courier company. For more information on the Buyer’s Protection Plan, kindly proceed to more info HERE.

2. EasyTrack (Track and Trace)

This new feature allows everyone to check on their parcel status from multiple courier companies. Currently, we offer status-checking for deliveries made from 7 courier companies in Malaysia in 2 easy steps!

Step 1

universal tracking - EasyParcel

Click on Track and Trace on the top panel.

Step 2

parcel tracking - EasyParcel

Select your courier company and enter your air waybill number to track your parcel. The most recent status is shown instantly!


If you’re an EasyParcel user, you may check for your parcel status in just one click! There’s no need to open multiple tabs on courier tracking sites. Just click on tracking logo in the “All Shipment” tab and your most recent parcel status will be shown as below:

built-in universal tracking

Parcel tracking has never been so easy, isn’t it?

3. One-Tab Shipment Summary

What’s more?

Sometimes you can have multiple parcels delivered at the same time and we know it’s tedious to check on your parcel status one by one. With the new shipment summary feature, you can now click on a status to check which parcel falls into that status.

For e.g., Adam has 6 shipments under EasyParcel and he would like to know which parcel is still under “Schedule in Arrangement” status. Adam clicks on the “Schedule in Arrangement” tab and all his shipments under that status will be listed out.

Step 1: Click on “All Shipment” and click on the status you’re interested to check 

shipment summary

 Step 2: All parcels under a certain status are summarized under one-tab

shipment summary


Come on and check how these new features can help you on your deliveries. Log on to now!